Golden lanterns – Indian themed wedding table décor.


There were two very different and equally beautiful lanterns on our wedding tables on our special day.

Firstly, we went to Camden Market and selected some gorgeous Moroccan style lanterns with warm coloured glass, which we filled with coloured tea lights from Ikea.

The biggest and best lantern was of course on the head table.

Photo credit - Distant Cloud

Photo credit – Distant Cloud

We loved the fact that we could take these home with us after the wedding (if we had hired the décor, for the same price we would have had nothing).

Secondly, my addiction to combining nature and art came into play. Over the year we had been growing Chinese lanterns (Physalis) in our garden. In the summer white flowers appear, and by late summer, vibrant orange lanterns are glowing.

If you pick them while they are orange, you can dry them out and they remain a beautifully formed red-orange lantern shape.

If you leave them till the orange passes, the vegetation dies back and you are left with the most intricate cages which are very quick to dry.


So I saved lots of each stage, and when totally dry, put them in a cardboard box and gently sprayed with gold decorative spray to help strengthen them as well as make them pretty!


These made a lovely additional to our tables – and so personal to us.


So every year in our garden, when our lanterns are glowing we know it’s our wedding anniversary.


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