Indian themed wedding cufflinks

Gavin, my husband and I got married in September 2013. Our theme for the day was Indian.

We wanted everything to be personal and unique and to pull the theme through right from the start with the wedding invitations. So you’ve already seen the wedding invitations here, and from there I decided to make some cufflinks as gifts for the Grooms.

I purchased the blank cufflinks in copper and brass colours from a couple of different Etsy sellers. The cufflinks included clear glass cabochons so all I needed was an image to fit behind the glass.


I had tested lots of papers and designs for the wedding invitations and had kept the scraps.


So I simply cut out circles with a scalpel of the prettiest parts of the design to place behind the glass.

Added a bit of superglue to seal the deal.

…and placed the glass cabochons on top


Simple, fast, affordable… and very effective!

I’ll be adding further posts about all the other wedding themed details we created for our wedding so ‘Follow’ me to be kept updated. Click on the button in the right hand column.


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