Golden lanterns – Indian themed wedding table décor.


There were two very different and equally beautiful lanterns on our wedding tables on our special day.

Firstly, we went to Camden Market and selected some gorgeous Moroccan style lanterns with warm coloured glass, which we filled with coloured tea lights from Ikea.

The biggest and best lantern was of course on the head table.

Photo credit - Distant Cloud

Photo credit – Distant Cloud

We loved the fact that we could take these home with us after the wedding (if we had hired the décor, for the same price we would have had nothing).

Secondly, my addiction to combining nature and art came into play. Over the year we had been growing Chinese lanterns (Physalis) in our garden. In the summer white flowers appear, and by late summer, vibrant orange lanterns are glowing.

If you pick them while they are orange, you can dry them out and they remain a beautifully formed red-orange lantern shape.

If you leave them till the orange passes, the vegetation dies back and you are left with the most intricate cages which are very quick to dry.


So I saved lots of each stage, and when totally dry, put them in a cardboard box and gently sprayed with gold decorative spray to help strengthen them as well as make them pretty!


These made a lovely additional to our tables – and so personal to us.


So every year in our garden, when our lanterns are glowing we know it’s our wedding anniversary.


Indian themed wedding table décor.

Here is the third in a series of posts about how we made our unique Indian themed wedding last year.

Alison and Gavin-Colour-07 September 2013-010

photo credit – Distant Cloud

I kept things seasonal by using cyclamen which are vigorously flowering in September – selecting vibrant red to keep in theme with the reds and golds.

I chose terracotta pots for their warm colour and texture and came up with a design based on the Indian roofline shape used in my wedding invitations.


After setting up the template, my mum Sue, kindly and expertly handpainted each pot with the design using gold and black enamel paints.


I also liked the idea of having something that will continue to grow after the day, not fade away like cut flowers.

Here they are a year later in our rockery – they will always flower on our anniversary.

DSC_0037They are also growing in many of our family’s gardens and homes.

Follow me to find out more table decor ideas that we used on our Indian themed wedding day…

Indian themed wedding cufflinks

Gavin, my husband and I got married in September 2013. Our theme for the day was Indian.

We wanted everything to be personal and unique and to pull the theme through right from the start with the wedding invitations. So you’ve already seen the wedding invitations here, and from there I decided to make some cufflinks as gifts for the Grooms.

I purchased the blank cufflinks in copper and brass colours from a couple of different Etsy sellers. The cufflinks included clear glass cabochons so all I needed was an image to fit behind the glass.


I had tested lots of papers and designs for the wedding invitations and had kept the scraps.


So I simply cut out circles with a scalpel of the prettiest parts of the design to place behind the glass.

Added a bit of superglue to seal the deal.

…and placed the glass cabochons on top


Simple, fast, affordable… and very effective!

I’ll be adding further posts about all the other wedding themed details we created for our wedding so ‘Follow’ me to be kept updated. Click on the button in the right hand column.

Beautiful Indian themed handmade wedding stationery


I am getting married in September and we have agreed upon an Indian theme, as my fiance and I spent the first weeks of our engagement in India together.

It’s very exciting as there’s lots of room for creativity in a wedding! All our stationery will be handmade.

To begin with I sat and doodled some zen-doodle/mendhi henna inspired designs. To my surprise, what started as a rough idea actually developed into the final design… a ‘happy accident’ as they say!

I scanned the image into Photoshop, cleaned up the image and increased the contrast up high so the image was completely black.

The next thing I had to design was the shape and size of the invitation. I wanted to be able to buy standard sized envelopes and so eventually decided on an A4 sheet folded into 3. To give it an oriental touch, the top of the invite was cut into a spire shape similar to a temple or lantern. When the invitation is unfolded the effect of 3 spires was revealed:

folded indian wedding invite

I found some beautiful gold shimmer paper that was printer friendly (thanks to who were incredibly helpful). I printed the information out on both sides of the paper, folded and cut, then wrote the invitee’s names by hand on each invite.

The final touch was to add some tiny self-adhesive crystals in red, gold and brown. These crystals are very cheap to buy from Ebay and they really brought it to life.


The invitations were inserted into red envelopes for a wonderful rich contrast with the gold. It was truly worth all the effort to sit back and see the final thing!

I decided to set up a shop to share my ideas with others who want to give DIY invitations a try! Visit my etsy shop for your own printable DIY wedding stationery kits, click here.

Please contact me directly if you are looking for something in particular, I love to design and would love to help!

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