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Sunflower fans! I am launching a new shop and I need your help. I am running a very generous competition on Facebook, so head on over there for details.

You can enter by posting below, or by mail if you do not want to enter through Facebook. Everyone who takes part will be entitled to £10 credit to spend in my new shop!

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Competition: Look at the photograph – What type of Sunflower products would you be most likely to buy? Please provide a list in order, with your favourite thing first. Any additional comments on style, colour, etc. are very welcome. sunflower-merch

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A rose is a rose is a rose

My latest flower drawing is a rose.

I like to study and understand how plants are built using mathematical patterns and forms as a starting point. Hence the enjoyment I get out of drawing the centre of sunflowers! Visually I see the rose as having natural and randomly layered petals. Of course if we studied how they are formed and grow, they will come from a structured pattern, but with such a fragile papery quality, they successfully hide the pattern and take on a more natural shape.

I drew the rose in black indian ink and as the flower took shape I started to think… is this going to be a rose or a cabbage?!


‚ÄėThis needs colour‚Äô I decided.


I decided to mix water and coloured ink to brighten up the flower:


The colour is an improvement. But it needs something more… a background perhaps?

It still needs more character. I’ll give you all an update when I figure out how to do this!

Chrysanthemum Challenge!

This blog is dedicated to Georgina Pope.

I have recently been studying the Chrysanthemum in an attempt to draw an ink illustration.

The first thing I discovered is that there are so many¬†visually¬†different variants… 13 different bloom forms in 30 different species! Even before beginning to draw I needed to chose a bloom form, and I decided upon the ‘Irregular Incurve’ and ‘Intermediate Incurve’ which I’m sure will have no meaning at all to most of you non-botanicals!

The challenge is fitting the sheer amount of petals into a tight neat space.

I have tried various methods of ¬†being mathematical and drawing from the heart and settled on a combination of the two. This is my¬†favourite¬†version so far so I thought I’d share it. I still feel I need to find a way to fit a lot more petals in!

Final Sunflower

In this particular coloured version of the sunflower design I have used coloured indian ink. Finding something strong enough in colour to sit with the black indian ink has been a challenge.

The coloured ink certainly stood it’s ground! Being limited in the selection of colours to hand, I am left with quite a surreal image made with pretty gaudy colours. Lucky for you guys the camera didn’t have the power to pick up the sheer neon-ness of the leaves… your eyes have been saved…

Ok, I’ve come to the end of the sunflower collection for now. I’m very ready to try something different.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and keep following me for news on the next new project!



Bigger and Brighter

I just wasn’t satisfied with my first attempt at the colourised sunflower picture, it looked ok until the ink went over the top, but the ink is so dramatic that it sapped the colour from the rest of the picture.

So with this one I layered up the paint quite heavily on the petals, and coloured the background as sky. What is interesting is how bright the watercolours start to look, almost neon, the photo doesn’t really show how the colours glow…

bright sunflowers

I’m thinking that I can still go one step ¬†further, this calls for something much more dramatic… something that holds up to the black ink… but what should I use next?

Is everything better in colour?

After finishing my black sunflower ink pictures I was really keen to try a colourised version. The black and white version is so dramatic that colour will bring a softer touch.So the plan is to paint a watercolour base and draw the ink over the top. Same technique using a twig to dip and draw. 

Below is the¬†watercolour layer¬†finished, and the picture is looking pretty¬†‘different’ ¬†to the original black and white versions:

watercolour sunflower pre-ink

watercolour sunflower

I was really curious at this point as to how the finished piece would look. If the ink didn’t work I would have spent a long time painting in order to ruin it with black ink over the top of it!!

Adding the ink I’m still not sure… Am I doing the right thing?? Of course, there is no turning back now!

watercolour sunflower partly inked

watercolour sunflower partly inked

And finally, the reason we experiment is to see the finished result!

finished sunflower, coloured and inked

finished sunflower, coloured and inked


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