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Rheebridge Open Art Exhibition – Exhibition pieces revealed

Thanks to all who attended the show this weekend!

As promised, here is a picture of the pieces I exhibited.

The exhibition saw works from 100 different artists, it was such a diverse mix, a fantastic way to see art from all over Cambridgeshire from a whole mix of skill sets and styles.


Rheebridge Open Art Exhibition – Cambridgeshire

Rheebridge Open Art Exhibition – 23rd-25th November 2012

I will be exhibiting at Cambridge’s major open art exhibition this month. I have 3 framed and 4 unframed brand new exciting pictures on display. After the event I will reveal the images on my blog.

The exhibition will displaying contemporary and traditional paintings and sculptures from 100 different artists, all for sale. This is the must see exhibition for Cambridgeshire this autumn!

Please come a long and show your support to local artists! For more information on the event, click here.

Art opportunities in unexpected places

I was asked if I would ‘lend’ a set of 3 drawings to display in a large meeting room where I work, for a few months.

I was kind-of flattered but hardly saw the benefit at first of displaying my pieces to colleagues at work. Who’s going to notice them at work? So from September until November I hung my pictures on the wall. It felt great to see them up on a wall rather than stored up at home! And furthermore they are currently under offer as a colleague would like to buy them for his wife for Christmas, what a wonderful and unexpected result. Yet again I am learning to open myself up to opportunities.

On a further note, the company I work for are looking to buy art to fill the wall on a more permanent basis! We would like to offer the opportunity to artists who would normally struggle to access the art world and this type of opportunity. We design and provide daily living solutions to those who are affected by autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy,  motor neurone disease to name a few.

If you are, or know of any artists who looking to sell art, and are challenged by similar situations, please contact for further details. Preferably in the Cambridgeshire area.

My first exhibited piece!

Atelier East Summer Exhibition: 27 July – 15 September 2012

After a multitude of useless excuses and reasons why “I don’t have time” and “no-one will like my style” and “I’m not good enough” I finally ran out of things to say and so entered a sunflower drawing into a small local open art exhibition ran by Atelier East. And guess what… it got accepted!

Even after acceptance I still had reservations and worries about the quality of my work… “Maybe when they see the real thing they will realise how bad my work is and regret selecting me?”

I got a confidence boost when I framed the picture… “Wow it actually looks quite professional in a frame doesn’t it?” Here it is all ready to be packed and sent off to the exhibition.


Sadly I was not able to make the open evening but thanks Mum and Dad for attending, as well as David Collison, the chairman of the company I work for.

So what can I say, I have learnt this month that I will never get your work exhibited if I don’t attempt to try. Try actually doing the things you always put off!

Here’s to more exhibition entries…

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